Chinmaya Madan on Notable Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Chinmaya Madan Toronto is an artificial intelligence expert and an entrepreneur at heart. As such, he enjoys providing professionals and business owners with tips and information that can allow them to become more successful and thrive. Furthermore, given that he has a background in artificial intelligence, he enjoys leveraging his expertise in the field to help others become more productive.

According to a recent study by MIT Sloan Review and Boston Consulting Group, executives are well aware that data analytics and AI technology are important. They’re just unsure how to go about implementing it – and which data is deserving of their attention. 85% believe AI will be transformative for their companies. But only 39% report having a strategy for AI, and only about 19% both understand and have adopted AI.

With that in mind, the following is a list of benefits of creating intelligent enterprise systems.

Predictive Insights

According to Chinmaya Madan Toronto, one of the top benefits of creating intelligent enterprise systems is that they provide predictive insights. For those who are yet unfamiliar, predictive insights is a term used to describe using current and historical data to predict what may happen in the future. Serving as a tool to help humans make more informed predictions, predictive insights allow people to make more accurate predictions that are backed by relevant data.

Rather than responding retroactively, predictive insights allow companies to be able to anticipate the needs and desires of their customers. This makes it possible to better cater to customers without needing their feedback first. Although being retroactive works well for many companies, being proactive can be one of the top ways to ensure a business’s success.

Automatic Upgrades

When dealing with automation, data quality is paramount. This is especially the case when companies are dealing with intelligent systems, which provide the added benefit of automatic upgrades. This is because intelligent systems are capable of performing many actions without the help of manual input. Therefore, with the use of high-quality data, many of the upgrades are completed without the need for human assistance. This makes these upgrades much more convenient and efficient overall.


In addition to the automatic upgrades, these systems also provide companies with optimization. Rather than needing to search for and uncover issues that need to be changed or upgraded, an intelligent system is capable of performing these actions on its own. Therefore, Chinmaya Madan Toronto suggests any business that is having issues with an enterprise system that is somehow lacking may want to consider creating an intelligent enterprise system. Although they are not perfect, they work wonders in terms of remedying matters in relation to optimization.

Given that optimization is something that can help virtually any business become more successful, there are many businesses that are making acquisitions to help with organizational optimization. For instance, the well-known tech company, IBM, is in the process of acquiring Turbonomic, which is an AI-powered application resource management company. Among other things, this will help IBM raise its full-stack application observability and management endeavors while also helping the company optimize its performance and minimize the cost of using AIOps.

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